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If you are into gaming at all, especially on the PC, you have may have been aware of the Summer Sale Steam had a few weeks ago. I ended up spending way too much money – which seems to be pretty common during their sales, but I picked up a game called Torchlight from Runic Games. It plays almost exactly like Diablo 2 and the company does have a few people from Blizzard (including two founders of Blizzard North, Max and Erich Schaefer), so it’s not too surprising. The art is very “Blizzard-ish”, which doesn’t bother me at all.

So all that said, I picked up numerous other games – but this one I can fire up and play in 10 minute bursts if needed – which is what I end up doing since we have a newborn in the house (Sean Jr!) who has been getting PLENTY of lung exercise (meaning, he cries a lot). But hey, that’s what babies do right? So I can sneak a few minutes in during those rare quiet moments.

I started playing with TorchEd, the Torchlight editor. Needless to say, I am confused and need to read some tutorials. I guess I better get started on some mapping, would love to maybe work my foot in the game-development door that way (hint hint Runic guys!).

In closing, if you haven’t checked this game out yet – DEW EHT NAO!