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Telerik releases beta of FREE dotNet decompiler: JustDecompile

I just received an announcement that Telerik, makers of one of the leading dotNet Control suites on the market, has released a beta of their new Decompiler for dotNet. It is named JustDecompile and is being advertised as “free, forever”. I gave it a quick download and picked apart a custom control assembly we have to use from a prior contractor. I had a few issues with this particular assembly when we took over the codebase, as they provided outdated source code for this control library. I was able to use another decompiler to pull some of the newer code, but none that I tested were this easy to use. Red Gate’s offering, .Net Reflector was nice – but not free (not expensive either).

If you have a need for a decompiler for dotNet assemblies, then I highly recommend you give Telerik’s new JustDecompile offering a preview to see if it meets your needs.